Insurance Consulting

Hermes is an active advisor for companies providing contingent capital, capital raise based on various forms of financing, and corporate development services.

Careers and Culture

Hermes acts like a think tank in every thing it does. We have grand vision for not only the companies we work for but the companies we work with. We are concerned by our planet, and wish to give back so we are giving back 5% of everything we make to our Foundation called “Impact Planet Earth’.

Its not about a political stance or issues, its only we want to make where we live a better place. The people we work with care about the oceans, the land, our incredible planet of animals. We are truly blessed but we can not take them for granted. We are in the process of launching the Foundation by the end of March. If you would like to donate to the cause please us know and we can provide you information.

Careers HG

We are creating an innovative, creative and sustainable Corporate finance and Development company with guilt edged talent, specialization in very critical skill sets. We live and build our clients trust through the IP we deliver on the job. We are looking for talented individuals to take part in helping to deliver a very special result to our clients.

If you are interested in an incredible place to work please send us a resume and a cover letter. We will return your communications in due time. Thank you for your interest.

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