Our Story

Hermes addresses its clients with a think tank philosophy, offering multi-faceted expertise and global perspectives accumulated by the Founders, Team Members and Strategic Partners. This has enabled us to be a true front-line collaborator in evaluating and structuring financial products which allows our clients to develop a sustainable capitalization strategy for high growth, distress or turnaround.

This foundation sets the groundwork to evaluate and provide our clients with practical alternative capitalization solutions focused on optimized operating structures and strong balance sheets that reflect sustainable and risk-adjusted strategies for the constantly evolving business landscape.

Our goal is to offer services that turn distressed companies into solid operating entities and operating entities into high growth opportunities. Hermes provides advisory for companies looking for capitalization, operations and optimization direction that can help fine tune your business model for success.


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Structured finance is an art form creating sustainable risk-adjusted financial models”. Spencer Beck – Founding Partner


Compass Rose

Our goal is to make distressed or high growth companies sustainable through financial engineering.” D. Baxter Todd.

What We Do

Hermes offers knowhow and demonstrated problem-solving solutions to overcome capital, liquidity or distress challenges in the areas of - equity or debt facilities working capital, lines of credit, IP development, equipment term-debt; problem

debt refinance

structured project finance,


distressed restructuring


Hermes delivers risk-adjusted and cost-effective alternatives to your capital needs. This is supported by a range of private and institutional investors and partner networks to offer the best direction, strategy, and optimal structure with sustainable equity or debt solutions.

In Analyzing, underwriting and modeling your financials, Hermes provides transaction logic to match the right capital with your financial needs. We have a deep respect for operational excellence and work patiently and constructively with management teams to support the direction, strategy and optimal structure of a company’s long term success.


Finance and Advisory

Alternative Investment

  • Illiquid, PE, VC, Hedge, Pension, Unregulated, Unconventional Energy, Startups, Projects Cannabis

Technology / Media / Communications

  • Digital Media Platforms, Theatrical
  • Television, Publishing, Social Media
  • Hardware, Devices, Funds, Blockchain and Digital Currency


  • Tax deferred Sale Leaseback,1031 Exchange Real Estate, Data Centers, Medical Office, Digital, Tech, Software/Hardware, Equipment AR, Factoring, Working Capital


  • Solar, Oil & Gas, Minerals, Natural Gas, CNG, Wind Power, Electric Batteries, Green Tech Real Estate, Technology

Financial Institutions

  • Treasury Management, Vendor Programs Restructures, Refinances, ReCap Distressed Customer Exit

Financial Services

  • Investment Network (equity) AR, Factoring, Lines of Credit Working Capital, Refinancing, Fin Tech and Start ups

Real Estate

  • Tax Deferred Sale Leaseback 1031 Exchange, Data Centers, Medical Office, Commercial, Project

Project Finance

  • IP Intellectual Property, ESOP, Insurance & Pension Plan Consult, Public Private Partnerships, Corp. Dev, Expansion & Optimization Tax Deferred Sale Leaseback


  • Sale Leaseback, Fleet Acquisition Equipment, AR/ Factoring, Working Capital

Consumer And Retail

  • AR, Factoring, Domestic & International, Term loans, Tax Deferred Sale Leasebacks, Working Capital, Inventory

Intellectual Property (IP) Participation Based Finance

  • IP Participation Convertible Notes Private Placement Patents, Business Models Valuations & Distributions

Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Tax Deferred Sale Leasebacks, Term Loans, AR, Working Capital M&A


Representative Transactions


Tax Deferred Sale Leaseback Finance Facility

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Branded Apparel
Design & Manufacturing Company



International Hotel & Resort Debt & Equity Restructure

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Hotel & Boutique Resort Ownership Groups



Employee Stock Ownership Plan ( ESOP) Finance Facility

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Aircraft Parts Manufacturer



Intermediate Term Convertible Note

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Gas Power Plant Development Company



AR & Inventory

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Working Capital L/Credit

Upper Respiratory




Supported Working Capital Line of Credit

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Clinical Information Systems




Tax Deferred Sale-Leaseback Facility

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Acute Care Psychiatric




Secured Bridge Loan

Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Health Sciences




Supported Non-Revolving Line of Credit / Term Loan

Principal of Hermes Acted as Financial Advisor

Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company



Commercial Mortgage Placement

Principal of Hermes Acted as Financial Advisor

High Rise Commercial Office Building




Structured Trade Credit Indemnity

Principal of Hermes Acted as Financial Advisor

Digital Entertainment Company



Commercial RE
Whole Loan Portfolio


Principal of Hermes
Acted as Financial Advisor

Interest Rate Stratification Valuation & Pricing

European Commercial Bank



We think out of the box and are inquisitive, focused, committed to a sustainable outcome in everything we do.

Principal and Founder Photo

Mr. Beck is a principal and Founder in Hermes Global and the Hermes Companies.  He has overseen business development, structured and executed complex financing. 
As part of the structured finance,  advisory and risk management at Hermes he has brought significant expertise to the different Hermes projects besides bringing a wealth of proven expertise that strengthens the firm’s ability in financial and operational restructuring, turnarounds and risk management assignments.



Sale LeaseBack Financing
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We are connected to a network of high net worth individuals, RIA's, Wealth Managers, Private Equity, and VC's where by we can deliver capital to entrepreneurs looking for debt, equity or a combination.


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