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Incubating the Corporate Development Idea
Today idea germination is exponential in the world of business. Everyone has the next Idea for a Unicorn. The problem is there is no blue print as each entrepreneur is having to create their blue print. Thus, when we receive the business opportunity in many cases it still needs work. That is why there is so much talk about pivoting. Although I am not sure if you are an investor and you were sold on a unicorn but they pivoting to something completely different that you would appreciate this kind of intellectual stimulation with your money.

Hermes is focused on three market niches for start-ups, Fintech, Medical and Real Estate. All of the niches will have a technology part of the business model. Hermes has experience working with companies in the niches having experience with:


  • Devices
  • Software
  • Clinical
  • Software
  • Digital


  • Money Transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • Treasury Management
  • Automation
  • Digital
  • AI

Collaborating and combining the advances of science, technology and capital are creating new infrastructure and connections affecting the way we do and relate to business. It’s about new opportunities, services and businesses that are already shaping the viability and very future of any company and its growth.

How does a business remain relevant in this rapidly evolving transformation? How does it create a culture of digital awareness that makes sense and steers a path to remain competitive in today’s marketplace while attracting investment for growth?

The digital evolution isn’t just about powerful technology for the world of tomorrow, it is now ubiquitous in every part of our lives, so it has to make sense and be applicable to your company’s business model today. Where there is a benefit for the client, Hermes knows how to integrate development, finance, content and IP development with technology to position a company’s investment needs with structured finance solutions.

Digital or not, the foundation of any business is foremost based on Imagination, Creativity, Strategy and Value. They are the results of Analysis, Assessment, Optimization and Implementation. They are the building blocks we can use to help you to excel, position, grow your company and brand to achieve the results that set you apart.
We bring a unique understanding to how best structure your type of transaction.

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